Books are my life. Words are my life. The written word is, in my most humble opinion, one of the highest forms of art. Classic literature allows us to take a look into the past–into the history of the human race–and examine it from the perspectives of those who lived and wrote in past centuries. Thus, literature is valuable in the role of historical document.

It also connects us to those who came before us. Each man, woman, and child faces struggles, and the written word connects us to those people. Be the book contemporary or ancient, certain themes and ideas can be found everywhere. These common threads are part of the reason why I find reading to be so deeply valuable. The strength of a heroine, the injustices suffered by a protagonist, the evils committed by a villain, the tangled webs of relationships between characters–all of these speak to what it means to be us. No matter how outrageous the plot may be, always something can be found to which one of us can relate to.

Because of this love of books, and because a friend suggested it, I am going to start a review/blog. Many of my friends ask me to recommend books to them. My dear friend Samantha suggested I start a blog of book reviews, so that she may use it as a reference when shopping for new books. And my answer (after a long silence) is OK! So that’s what this is.

I am aware that my taste is just that…my own taste. Others will not agree with me. I welcome arguments and discussions, as long as they are polite. For example: I loathe the Twilight Saga. I think it is mindless, empty drivel with bad character development, lukewarm diction, and repetitive plot. And yet, for some reason, the masses do not agree with me, and I tend to find myself arguing my point endlessly.

Because I’ve already read so many books, I will not be able to review those I have read in the past (unless I re-read them, which I sometimes do). Therefore, my first review will come after I finish the book I am currently reading. For past reviews on some of my favorite (or least favorite) books, click here. Thanks for reading!

Ex Libris,


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