Some news, and first recommendation everyone!
(All one of you, so far). I have some interesting news! Yesterday I started my book-review blog. Today I receive a notice from Blogger about its new “Amazon Associates” option, which allows me to post links to the products I review and recommend on Of whatever you, my lovely readers, happen to purchase after following the link in my blog, up to %15 will come back to me. Now isn’t that cool? So if you’re interested in one of the books I recommend, please follow the link in my blog and purchase it from Amazon. It’s cheaper, AND it helps me out. Thanks!
Now, for that reason, and because it feels weird leaving my blog empty, AND since I probably won’t finish another book for at least several days, I’m reviewing and highly recommending a series I’ve already read. That series is (drum roll) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Hands down one of the best series I have read. Ever. It is a young adult series, but do not let that turn you off.

Only the first two books have been released so far. Book one, The Hunger Games, is available in hardcover or paperback, while Book two, Catching Fire, is only available in hardcover. The third book, Mockingjay, is set for release on August 24 (a day I am quite looking forward to). series follows heroine Katniss, who lives in a post-apocolyptic country that was once the USA. There are twelve districts (there was once a thirteenth district, but it no longer exists), all ruled over by the evil Capitol. In order to maintain control over the twelve districts, the Capitol takes one boy and one girl from each district every year, sticks them in an arena, and makes them fight to the death–last kid standing wins. Katniss takes her sister’s place in the Games, and must fight for survival. Along the way she becomes a symbol for another brewing rebellion against The Capitol. And Katniss is–dare I say it?–a complete badass. A braid-wearing, bow-and-arrow-carrying, quick-witted, lithe-limbed badass. Collins, in Katniss, has created character gold.

As a (former? I don’t even know) bookstore employee, I often recommend this series, and get a lot of weird looks from mothers. It sounds horrifying (and some of it is). But the book is valuable in two different capacities: it makes the reader think about the many possible futures of our world and life as we know it, and moves at a pace that’s so quick I literally had to take breaks to catch my breath. Collins’ writing is easy to understand, with clear diction, but does not insult the intelligence of readers over the age of 18. In fact, her language, plot, and character development are all so multi-faceted that a more mature reader may feel as though she has created a literary jungle-gym for the brain.
Often, a series can go downhill as it progresses. In many series there appear what I term “filler novels”–novels that authors write to drag the series out because they know people will buy it. It is a ploy that makes them lots of money, but dissatisfies readers because they bought a $25 load of BS. Let me assure you that Catching Fire is just as amazing as Hunger Games, if not more so.
Which leads me to believe that Mockingjay will be an absolutely fabulous finish for the series, though my heart aches a little at the thought of the series coming to a close. Truly, this trilogy scores 5 out of 5 stars. Maybe even 6 out of 5. I cannot recommend this series highly enough.
Ex Libris,


2 thoughts on “Some news, and first recommendation

  1. Samantha says:

    This is the third time I've heard you talk about Hunger Games, so I think I'm definitely just gonna go get it now and read it. Yeah female empowerment!

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