The Big Ten!

Friends! I now have ten followers. I know, compared to some of these ultra-popular blog, it’s a measly little number, but I’m quite excited about it.  My humble little blog is slowly (sometimes agonizingly slowly) creeping up in the world.

It’s crazy, since I just posted a blog a few days ago, but I’ve finished another book (and am well on my way to finishing another one tonight)! Either I’m getting my priorities in order and reading more, or I’m just reading short books.
I digress…tonight’s review is over a novel called All the Queen’s Players by Jane Feather.  The book follows one Rosamund Walshingham, a young beauty new-come to the court of an aging Queen Elizabeth I.  She must navigate the world of courtly temptation and ambition, all the while playing a role as a spy for her cousin Francis.  Eventually she becomes a major player in the downfall of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. 

I didn’t expect much out of the novel, and was actually pleasantly surprised.  Feather is no Phillipa Gregory, who is my personal favorite historical fiction novelist, but the writing is good nonetheless.  Having expected little more than trashy love scenes held precariously together by a hint of a plot, I experienced instead a quite thrilling story, full of intrigue, suspense, and yes, romance.

One cannot help but feel for the characters, though there are certainly those for which one can only feel loathing. There are bad guys and troublemakers around every corner.  But poor Rosamund’s plight, which I won’t reveal, and the lack of choices available to a woman always touch me in novels like this. Makes a modern girl appreciate what she’s got.  Most of the history included is accurate, but some of the ideas presented and the style in which it is written reveal a less elegant, more contemporary point of view on the period than, say, the masterful Gregory (I adore her, can you tell?).

So, bottom line because I want to make this quick and don’t want to give too much away, the book has all the selling-points: it’s a quick read, it’s suspenseful and chock full of surprises, it’s got mystery, it’s got sex, it’s got romance, it’s got one heck of a twist at the end.  For those looking for a good girly read, something to snuggle up with by the fire, or pack for the plane while visiting relatives, this is a great one to go for.  Gentlemen, recommend it to your lady friends 🙂


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  1. 11 followers!! Now I just feel cool! Thanks Laura 🙂 And everyone

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