Hello world!

Hi friends! Here’s my new blog. I’m tremendously excited to not be using Blogger anymore.  From here on out, all of my reviews will be posted here. I’m still figuring things out, so I’m not sure how to collect followers (I don’t even know if that’s possible!) but I still hope to maintain your readership and affections.  Also, I will try to archive my previous blogs, so if you have a question about a book I’ve already reviewed, I will be able to refer you to it.

One way I’m going to attempt to make reading easier is by using the title of the book as the title of the blog, rather than trying and failing to invent clever, witty blog titles which don’t help you navigate.  If there’s anything else you, my faithful friends, can think of to make reading easier for you, let me know! This blog is about connecting YOU with a great book.

Ex Libris,



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