Week 26–Trudy

I have a confession to make.  I cheated this week. You see, I’m reading two books that I really don’t enjoy reading, and I figured I wouldn’t make it through either of them by the end of the week.  So I picked up a book I knew I could read in a day.  But at least I finished a book 😀

The book is called Trudy, and it’s by a local author right here in Austin. In fact, I don’t think the book is on Amazon, so I can’t post a link to it. But that’s ok, because it’s not that great.  It’s about a girl who begins middle school, and struggles with friendships and with schoolwork.  In addition to this, her parents are very old. She was born when they were in their fifties and sixties, so everyone thinks that they are her grandparents.  Throughout the book she must deal with the things that kids usually go through with their grandparents.
I won’t spend much time on it.  Trudy is a sad little girl with a rather unusual life. The chapters are very short, and there is not much time spent on any particular thing that happens. Even the big things, like her father’s Alzheimer’s onset, seem to fly by.  Rather than being concisely meaningful, the language just sounds simple and juvenile. It’s written for kids, but it sounds as though it was written by kids.  I feel terrible saying these things, because I met the author and she’s very sweet, but I have to be honest.
The premise is relevant for young kids.  It addresses issues that kids have to deal with, in addition to teaching tolerance for those that may be a little different. So it isn’t all bad.
Ugh, I hate this review. It makes me feel simple and mean. But it’s true.  And I can’t spend any more time on it.

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