Week 43 and 44–Chaos Walking Series Books 2 and 3

I decided to combine posts for these, since they’re two books in the same trilogy. I normally don’t read books in a series this close together because I like to provide my blog readers with a bit of variety. In this case, however, I couldn’t help myself.  It was a really stinking good series.

Unfortunately, if I attempt to provide a synopsis, I’ll ruin surprises that happened in the first book, and I really don’t want to do that. I’d suggest reading the first book before seeking out the synopsis on Amazon or elsewhere, simply because one of the most delightful things about this series is the way that the author slams you with things you’d never expect. 

Alas, I have to make this post short even though it’s about two books.  Two things I will say: Ness does not lose his ability to surprise his readers as he goes, and never ceases to make his books interesting, both in plot and aesthetics.  And his development of Todd as a character is astounding. As the novel progresses, Todd attitude and personality quite obviously make the shift from boy to man. Granted, the events that take place and center mostly around him require him to grow up very quickly.  But Todd manages to do so in a mostly dignified manner, though his youth and inexperience trip him up occasionally.  The interesting thing is that his nemesis, who manages at some point to worm his way a little bit into Todd’s heart, is the one who recognizes Todd’s potential for greatness. 

I know it’s annoying to read this because you have no idea what I’m referring to.  I’ll end this blurb by saying this: do yourself a humongous favor and read this series. You’ll understand why I can’t give much away, and you’ll thank me for keeping things under wraps.  It’s a great series, impossible to put down (a friend of mine read the second book in 6 hours), and you’ll enjoy it immensely. 


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